Classroom - TIPS State Regulations

State Regulations Map

Our Government Relations Department works closely with the state liquor authorities in order to stay current on alcohol laws and regulations at the state and local levels. Please use the map below to see if your state requires server/seller training. To find out if TIPS Classroom training is an option in your area, browse the regulations by passing your cursor over the state or click a state to zoom in. You can also contact your state liquor authority by clicking here for contact information. If you have questions about a regulation, contact the Government Relations department at 1-800-GET-TIPS x390 or e-mail Government Relations.

Not Regulated - State does NOT mandate alcohol server training.
Regulated - State mandates alcohol server training or offers a Responsible Vendor Program
Note: The map above reflects the regulatory status for our On Premise and Off Premise programs only. To find out about our other programs, contact our Government Relations department. or call Nicole Seymour at 1-800-GET-TIPS x317.

Click here for a listing of Regulatory Status by Jurisdiction.

As part of our training support, we offer access to a database of State Alcohol Laws & Regulations. The database contains a state-by-state breakdown of the laws and regulations governing the promotion, sale, and service of alcohol beverages, and highlights any special liability pertaining to specific states or jurisdictions. View a sample report.

The State Alcohol Laws & Regulations database is available free-of-charge to all active TIPS trainers, and to Certification Manager subscribers as part of their paid subscriptions. Learn more about Certification Manager.

Through this frequently updated database, users can research:

  1. Liability and legal information
  2. General information regarding the laws and regulations in a specific state
  3. State policies regarding sales to minors
  4. Server/seller training requirements by state
  5. Unique requirements
  6. State contact information.

Trainers also have access to our Government Relations department by e-mailing Government Relations.