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Tips Certification:

  • Tips is a nationally recognized training program that is offered in all 50 states and is in over 40 countries all over the world. The purpose for this training is to teach anyone who sells and serves alcohol, how to do so more responsibly. This is not just for bartenders; it is for managers, servers, and anyone who can be responsible to ensure that not only are they keeping your guests safe but will also help protect your liability.
  • The local ABC and/or gov't agencies offer liquor law training that is usually less than an hour and conducted by an unqualified trainer that presents liquor code in a PowerPoint presentation. Each one of these programs is a little different, but none are as comprehensive or as recognized as TIPS. Therefore, TIPS is considered as the "national standard of care" in courtrooms across the country. As a result, our trainers are often asked to provide expert testimony in liquor liability cases.

Received letters from US Senator Rob Portman and Governor John Kasich for my commitment in teaching the Tips certification courses.

* Contact me to schedule a class or click here to take an online course and learn more about Tips training.

Staff Training:

This program will teach proper techniques to staff that either are new to the industry or just need some refresher notes with proper set up and service. We will cover all types of events from coffee service to break service to buffets and fine dining higher end events. We can also attend your events as an on-site trainer to help with On the Job training and to ensure that proper service and expectations are being met.


We will staff professional bartenders who are knowledgeable in all aspects of the bar industry and are certified in Tips training. If you need assistance with planning the beverage part of your event, let us know. We will help establish par levels to ensure that you have enough product for your event to include glassware, mixers, and of course the good stuff!!!

I carry General Liability, Liquor Liability, and Workers Comp that can be provided upon request.

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